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A Place to Live and Chairs to Recline On

November 7, 2011

We went down to Houston this past weekend and set up a booth at the First Saturday Arts Market.  You can read about that here.  We take the show booth equipment and artwork in a 5×8 cargo trailer.  When we’re finally ready to go on the road fulltime, we’ll sell the trailer.

We have kids who live in Houston, so we are able to stay with them.  We did the show on Saturday, then got up really early on Sunday morning and headed back to McKinney.  We got back around noon, dropped the trailer and Hemi the Miniature Schnauzer at the house, and headed across Dallas to Irving.  We managed to visit Sandy Lakes RV Park and The Vineyard.  We talked with folks in the office and spent some time driving around at both places.  They are at the extreme ends of the spectrum.

Sandy Lakes is an older place, with some narrow streets and very, very tight RV spaces.  Many people are unable to put their awnings out because their neighbors are so close.  If we have to stay there for several months, we would, but after visiting, it fell pretty far down on our list.  The cost is really attractive, and they are under new management.  But we’re not sure we want to be there while they try to upgrade the place.

The Vineyard,in Grapevine, is beautiful.  Large, widely spaced sites in a really clean, wooded park environment.  We fell in love with the place.  But it’s an extremely popular place right on Lake Grapevine, and the cost reflects that.  It’s pretty much at the top of our budget, if it’s in the budget at all.

The folks at the Vineyard recommended Northlake Village in Roanoke.  It falls in between the other two in that it’s definitely not The Vineyard, but the spaces are much larger than Sandy Lakes, and the place is much nicer for a longer stay.  We’ll reserve a space, and start preparing to move the RV there the week of Thanksgiving.  It’s about a half hour commute for Nell, but she’s really happy with the price and the park itself.  (When Mama’s happy…etc.)  Some folks who had been in town for race weekend at nearby Texas Motor Speedway said it’s the nicest in the area, and the management is wonderful.  That will work for us.

Before heading home, we stopped at a La-Z-Boy store.  This is what we found:

La-Z-Boy Conner 535

This is the kind of recliner that drops down and slides forward, rather than leaning back, and that’s the kind we need for the motorhome.  A very good salesperson spent time showing us a lot of possibilities, and we finally decided this was the right one.  It’s really solid, and very comfortable.  Sitting in it, I could imagine kicking back in the evening and reading or watching a little TV, or even doing some sketching.  The price was well in the range of what we were expecting to spend, so we bought a pair of them.  Two  of these will replace the sleeper sofa that’s in the motorhome now.  Our plan is to pick them up at the warehouse once the flooring has been done, and let the warehouse people load them in the RV.  (We’ll attach them to the floor ourselves.)

We’re going to move forward with replacing most of the flooring, and with moving the TV.  We’re going to hold off on replacing the dining table with a workstation.  Nell says that part is entirely my call, and I think  I’d like to live in the motorhome with the dining area for awhile.  The laptop can be used either on the table or (imagine this) on a lap.  I’ll be using a tabletop easel anyway to paint, so I may as well see if I can live with using it on the existing table.  I just hate to eliminate the possibility of sitting at the table, having a meal, and looking out the window at some scenic view.  I know, many times the view will be another RV, but I’d like to leave that option  open for a while.

My oldest son hopes to come up this coming weekend to pick up the entertainment center.  In a couple of weeks, my son-in-law will come up from Houston in his truck and take the big black Craftsman tool chests we’ve used as part of the office desk.  Nell will be going to Austin next weekend on business, and will take some things to the kids who live there.  My brother will hopefully be coming to take our mother’s bedroom suite, which we’ve had in the guest room for several years.  We have to work out the logistics for getting a couple of things to the kids in Kansas, and then that will leave us with only a handful of furniture items, and in the interest of time, those may simply go to the Salvation Army.

We hope to get the new flooring installed in the motorhome in the next couple of weeks, then we’ll move it to the RV Park the week of Thanksgiving.  We’ll empty the house completely, clean it, and move into the motorhome a couple of days before we close on the house.  Then we just need to get through the winter until  Nell decides it’s time for her to retire.

I’m sure glad I enjoyed last year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

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  1. November 8, 2011 1:19 am

    Sounds like you have the bases covered. Hope it all falls into place for you. I’m wondering if those new recliners will fit through the door on the RV. Did you take measurements? I’ve heard that sometimes a large window needs to be removed to get some pieces inside. Good luck!

    • November 8, 2011 2:38 am

      Pleinguy, the La-Z-Boy is made in two sections. The back is removable, a very simple process. And besides, we’re going to pick them up at the warehouse, and they will actually put them in. Thanks!

  2. Joan permalink
    November 8, 2011 8:09 pm

    Saw your site on RV-Dreams and read a few of your older posts. I can relate to all that you are going through. We gave away, sold or donated most of our possesions. We kept only what we could use in the MH. After all they are only things and it’s life experiences that last forever. We figure if it doesn’t work out we can sell the MH and replace the things. We hope to be on the road in April. You can read a little about us and see pictures of a few changes we made in our MH at I look forward to reading your blog and learning from you. Congratulations!

    • November 8, 2011 8:32 pm

      Hi Joan! I think once we get through the transition, this is going to be a great way to life. Welcome to the blog.

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