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Moving Along…

October 25, 2011

When you’re new to the RV world, it doesn’t take much to make you smile.

Something that would seem silly to others is a moment of delight to you.  Like that moment yesterday, when we were out in the motorhome and stopped for gas.  I started filling the tank while Nell went inside the gas station store.  When she came out, I went in.  When I came out, I was suddenly struck by the sight of that 36 foot motorhome sitting at the gas pumps.  Wow, I thought.  It’s huge.  And then I got a big grin on my face.  That was our motorhome, and just the sight of it out somewhere besides in the storage lot was a real treat.  Like I said, it doesn’t take much.

Getting the generator running…

We had driven north on US 75 to Sherman, Texas.  The day had started with dense fog, which made for a new experience.  We had waited as long as we could, but finally decided to head out in the fog because we had an appointment at North Texas RV.  We had been given the name of a fellow there who was supposed to be an RV generator expert, and we needed help.  Due to our own neglect over this past year, the generator had not been run often enough.  When that happens, the gasoline turns to varnish, and causes havoc with the generator.

We were pretty apprehensive about it, hoping the generator itself hadn’t been damaged.  Larry, the generator guy, spent less than an hour and a half, first just getting it to start, then working on the fuel pump and the carburetor.  He assured us that the generator itself was fine.  Then, after a bit of work, he got the fuel pump working properly.  The carburetor was another story.  He did get the generator running, but the carburetor was pulsing, or cycling, or whatever you want to call it.  Larry did give us the option of accepting it at that point, to hope that possibly it might smooth out and run properly (not much optimism there, though), or replacing the carburetor.  We decided that life wouldn’t be much fun if we were constantly worrying that the generator was going to die any minute, so we opted for the new carburetor.

Apparently, as an  RV ages, some of the parts become more expensive.  The carburetor for this 14 year old generator was a couple of hundred dollars more than a newer one.  So, it was an expensive fix.  I could spend a lot of time kicking myself for letting this happen, but then again, this was a 14 year old carburetor, and could have gone bad any time anyway.  And it’s a sealed unit, so there’s no such thing as rebuilding them.  It apparently has to be a new carb.  While Larry was working on the generator outside, Nell was sitting inside in comfort, reading a book.  Once Larry got going, I spent most of the time sitting next to him, watching.

The carburetor had to be ordered, but we were assured next day delivery, so we all agreed that I would return on Tuesday for what Larry said would be about a half hour’s work.  We headed out around 11:30am.

Interior modifications…

From North Texas RV in Sherman, we headed further north another ten miles or so to Texoma RV in Denison, Texas.  The young RV tech that had been helping us with minor issues earlier in the year had recommended Larry Koiner at Texoma RV to do the interior upgrades and modifications.  We had originally thought we’d tackle those things ourselves, but our kids, who had done some flooring installation in their home, suggested very strongly that we might really want to let someone else do the work.  Since they are in their early forties and we’re in our sixties, we listened to them.  We walked through the things we wanted to do with Larry Koiner.  He took notes and measurements, and by the time we left, we felt he understood what we wanted.  He’s going to give us some estimates for the various pieces of work:  the flooring; the workstation/studio; replacing the fold-out sofa with two recliners (which we now need to start searching for diligently); the installation of a flat screen TV above the door and facing the recliners; and replacing the existing old tube TV in the dash with some kind of useful storage.  He figured it would take about a week to get everything done once he has everything in hand.  Now we wait for the cost estimates to see if this is all feasible.

An offer on the house…

While we were out dealing with the motorhome, our real estate agent called with an offer she had just received.  We’ve gone back and forth with counter-offers on Monday, Tuesday, and now on Wednesday, we are waiting to hear back on our latest counter.  Regardless whether this offer is the one or not, we need to be ready to move quickly when the the right offer does come in.  So, we are moving forward with getting things the way we want them, so we can move in easily.

A new carburetor…

On Tuesday, I drove the motorhome solo back to North Texas RV in Sherman.  Bad timing on my part put me there right at lunchtime.  Larry the mechanic had a lunch date with his wife, and I sure wasn’t going to interfere with that.  Larry pulled the RV into a work bay so it was in the shade for me, and I spent the time stretched out on the sofa with a book, with nice cool air circulating in through open windows.  He got the carburetor replaced pretty quickly after lunch, and after a painful, but not unexpected visit to the cashier, I was on my way back to McKinney with a properly functioning generator.

Did I mention that we are a one-car couple?  Nell needed the car to commute to work, so I walked the one mile to the RV storage facility, and walked it back when I returned.  It was a productive day, but I wasn’t quite able to crash and relax just yet.  Another real estate agent had scheduled a showing of the house.  I was home for about an hour, then snuck out through the back as the agent arrived.  It was good that the Texas Rangers had last night off for the World Series.  I think I fell asleep on the couch pretty early.

So now we wait for the cost estimates for the interior modifications.  I’m starting to look around the house again, thinking that, although we got rid of a lot of stuff already, there’s still quite a bit that will need to go quickly when the house does sell.

But we are moving along.  And while things slowed down a bit for a while, the excitement is starting to build up again.

We are so ready.

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  1. October 26, 2011 3:07 pm

    You better come visit us when all is said and done. We miss you guys.


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