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July 6, 2011

When we rented the storage space for the RV, we picked up a business card for a guy who does RV repairs.  I left a voicemail for him yesterday but haven’t heard back yet.  He’s supposedly a retired RV tech, so I’m going to give him a couple of days.  We need someone to take a look at the onboard generator to see why it won’t start.  Son-in-Law and I tried everything thing we could think of the other weekend, to no avail.  Hoping it’s not too serious.

*  *  *

I guess I also should try to find someone to do the flooring update for us.  The kids are concerned that it might be too much of a job for us, especially since they live out of town and can’t help us.  I have to admit, I also hadn’t thought about what we were going to do with the sofa and captain’s chairs while we’re removing old flooring and carpet, and installing the new stuff.  I suppose we could rent a storage room for a month to put the sofa and chairs in.  Then again, it is summer in Dallas, and we rented an RV storage space without electricity, so we wouldn’t be able to run the air conditioning while we’re working.

*  *  *

Speaking of the sofa, we looked at recliners the other weekend at Ashley Furniture.  I’ve read where several people replaced their sleeper sofa with dual Ashley recliners, the ones with the console in the middle.  We saw a couple, but they don’t come in pieces, so they won’t go through the door of the motorhome.  We’ll continue to look.  We may have to go with separate recliners with a table in between.

*  *  *

We’re still trying to decide which is best:  replace all the outdated brass-looking cabinet hardware; or try to paint it all to give it a bit more updated look.

*  *  *

Hemi the miniature schnauzer is doing extremely well with his “no bark” training.  We came within sight of three dogs while walking yesterday, and the most he did was whimper a couple of times.  Sure, he backslides occasionally, but even the other dog walkers in the neighborhood have mentioned how much he’s improved.  We have two more sessions with the trainer.

*  *  *

Now that the townhouse is on the market for sale, we’re in a strange sort of limbo.  We’ve always kept a neat and tidy home.  But now it has to be spotless every day, all day.  So, the day starts with chores that I used to let sit until after lunch.  Surfaces get dusted and the carpet gets vacuumed about every other day now.  It’s not a lot, and is usually done in a half hour or so, but then it has to stay that way all day.  I find myself avoiding making footprints in the carpet!  I didn’t realize how much time I had spent during the day on decluttering and boxing stuff up.  Now that it’s all gone (well, almost all of it), there’s none of that to be done anymore.  I love being able to paint all day without feeling guilty, but it just feels wierd.  We’re sort of disassociated from the house now.  We already have another place to live, so we’re just maintaining this place.  It’s kind of an odd way to live.

*  *  *

We’ve had the house listed for two weeks, and had one appointment to look at it so far.  This is going to take awhile.  In this market, we knew that, of course, but it would sure would be nice to get a good offer fairly quickly, and find ourselves having to move into the RV on short notice.

*  *  *

We do need to take the RV out for a run again soon, even if it’s just for a day or just overnight.  We need the practice.

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  1. permalink
    July 10, 2011 12:33 am

    Hey Ralph,
    The on board gen probably has gunk from old gas built up in the carb. Mine set brand new
    for 3 years never started, but there was old gas in the tank from the dealer and the
    gas these days can scum up your carburator in a month. I had to replace mine 168.00
    and did the work myself. Now I put gas stabilizer in the tank and run it once a week.
    Love your work

    • July 10, 2011 7:40 pm

      Hi Don. Thanks for the compliment, and for the input. We’re replacing the house batteries. They were weak, and might not have been giving the generator enough starting power. We’ll see.

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