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An update…

May 17, 2011

I spent the last week of April in Gadsden, Alabama, participating in the Southeastern Plein Air Invitational.  Now I’m jazzed up to get this house sold, move into the RV, and start traveling, sightseeing and painting.

A week ago, my brother and sister-in-law came in from west Texas for the weekend.  We had a good, long overdue visit, and then we loaded as much stuff into their SUV as we could get away with.  Part of my mother’s bedroom suite which we’ve been using in the guest room went in, along with quite a few other things.  They will keep some of the family heirlooms moving down into the family as we are trying to do.

We spent part of this past weekend doing a different kind of painting.  We painted the upstairs guest room and the studio.  The office area and bathroom had been done not too long ago.  The carpet cleaners are scheduled to be here day after tomorrow to clean the upstairs carpet.  Then we’ll start putting the rooms upstairs back together to look as much like a model home as possible, and try to keep it that way.  That will be difficult to do in the office and studio spaces, but I’ve got to try very hard.

At this point, things are arranged very neatly on shelves in the upstairs closets.  I’ve just about accomplished my goal of having only two types of items in the rooms and in the closets: a) furnishings to make the rooms look appealing to a buyer; and b) items that will go directly to the RV when the house sells.  As I look around upstairs, I’m very, very close to that.

While I was in Alabama, Nell spent a few days working in Austin, and took a carload of stuff to the kids there.  The kids in Houston are coming this weekend to take away a few more things, mostly boxes of photos, albums, memorabilia and family treasures, along with the freezer in the garage.  I’m also planning another run to the dump and to the Salvation Army to get more things out of the garage.

The cargo trailer is fully loaded.  All of the booth equipment has stayed in the trailer, and for now, all of the framed artwork is stored in there as well.  We’ll keep it that way until we actually hit the road fulltime in the motorhome.  Then everything will be transferred into the basement storage compartments of the motorhome, and we’ll sell the cargo trailer.

There are tubs filled with empty frames stored in the garage, along with some other things that will go to the RV eventually.  There will come a day when we’ll have to go through the load lightening exercise one more time, I’m sure.  I think it will all go so far, but the reality may surprise us when the time actually comes.

Now we need to go through six containers of Christmas decorations and figure out what we’ll take with us, and what goes to the Salvation Army.

Have we been out in the motorhome yet?  Nope.  That may not happen until June, when we plan to meet our oldest daughter and her family at Ray Roberts State Park.  While we’re anxious to get into it, and more anxious to get on the road, there have been too many other priorities to deal with.  Besides, we didn’t really get it as a weekend getaway. 

Once we move into it, it becomes Home.

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