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Slowly but surely…

April 17, 2011

The posts here have been few and far between, but then, I knew it would be that way for awhile.  There’s just not that much exciting stuff happening right now, RV-wise.

We did take another carload of stuff to the Salvation Army yesterday.  And I’m still trying to palm stuff off on the kids, but they’ve started to get wise to me.  Their “no thanks, Dad!” responses are coming a lot quicker than they did in the beginning.  To anyone who’s never been in our home, it’s probably not noticeable, but rooms are beginning to look a bit bare to us.  But in the “sell this house” TV world of staging houses for sale, it’s beginning to look close to right.  Some large pieces of furniture have been removed, accessories on shelves are being minimized, and rooms and closets are starting to look bigger.  Nell almost balked when she came home the other day and I had removed all the framed pictures of kids and grandkids from the bedroom dresser.  But she  understands the principle of de-personalizing the place.

I’ll be spending the last week of this month in Gadsden, Alabama, at the Southeastern Plein Air Painting Invitational.  The following weekend, most of the furniture in the upstairs guest room will be picked up by my brother.  It was my mother’s furniture, and it has served us wonderfully for the last few years.  Now it goes back into the family for someone else to enjoy.  When that furniture is gone, we’ll do some more painting upstairs.  It will still be a bedroom, but with a lot less furniture!  The office space at the top of the stairs appears larger with the removal of a bookcase and a large lateral file.

The studio will need to be painted as well, but I still have some organizing to do.  I did remove a couple of large items a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve still got frames and tubs and other items to deal with.  We’re going to let it remain a studio while it’s on the market, but it probably won’t look like a studio anybody actually uses!  I will, but it’s going to be a lot different having to keep it constantly neat and organized.

We’re getting there.  Once the house goes on the market, then we can focus all our attention on the modifications and updates to the motorhome!

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