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First big garage sale

March 31, 2011

Tomorrow we haul a trailer full of stuff to Houston.  We have two spaces reserved at a large community garage sale in our daughter’s community in Missouri City.

Our next door neighbors have been kind enough to supply me with more boxes, and I’ve managed to get an awful lot of stuff organized and packed up.  Much of it will go to the garage sale tomorrow, and some of it will be taken over by our kids.  A truck from the Salvation Army came last week and took away some of the filing cabinets and a couple of large pieces of furniture.

We still have some furniture pieces that need to be taken away by the kids, and what remains will be used to stage the house for sale (and, of course, for us to live on in the meantime).  Then there will be a few pieces of furniture to dispose of when the place sells.  We’re making progress, although at times it seems pretty slow.

We haven’t taken the motorhome out for an overnighter yet.  Yes, we bought it to use, but we’re looking at the long view of living in it fulltime, so we’re exercising patience while we get other things done on the weekends.  We did take it to get the gas tank filled up this past Saturday.  Actually, I didn’t fill it completely.  With the price of gas so high at the moment, I just got it up to close to 3/4 of a tank, so I can run the generator periodically.  It was my first visit with the motorhome to a gas station, and I’m happy to report I made it in and out just fine, without taking out any pumps or other vehicles.

I went back over on Sunday and sat and contemplated for a while.  The art supplies still need to be weeded down more.  I told Nell that while we have spent twenty years talking about living in an RV as travelling artists, we never really thought about how or where we were going to store art supplies.  One of the reasons we finally settled on a Class A motorhome was the basement storage in the outside compartments.  It will be fine, but I do need to make some adjustments in the way I work.

Meanwhile, the work continues getting the house ready to sell.

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