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Slow Motion

March 24, 2011

Preparations to put the house on the market seem to have gone into slow motion mode.  The neighbors might have questioned that last week as I continued to fill both the trash bin and the recycle bin throughout the week.  Do you have any idea how much paper you have accumulated over the years… paper that sits in file cabinets, other drawers, and in boxes in closets?  I spent two full days last week separating paper into two piles, that which needed to be shredded and that which didn’t, then sitting through the boring task of running paper through the shredder, emptying the shredder, letting the shredder cool off, then repeating the process.  Last week I filled about six trash bags with recyclable paper, shredded and not shredded.

Because we live in a townhome community with gates, we can’t hold a garage sale here.  So… the 5×8 cargo trailer which we normally use for shows has been emptied of art stuff and refilled with boxes of items ready to take to a garage sale in Houston.  It’s full, mostly with small stuff which we hope to unload at a community garage sale held each spring in our oldest daughter’s community.

I’ve got a pickup sheduled with the Salvation Army for tomorrow.  There are two or three items that won’t fit in the back of the Trailblazer, and which are too heavy for us to manhandle anyway.  That will be the first of the larger pieces that will free up some space so we can start figuring out how to best stage the house for sale.

I need to acquire more boxes, I’m afraid.  There are so many things that can’t be prepared for either donation, sale or trash because I’ve already pulled too many things from closets.  Until I can get loose items boxed up neatly for removal, I can’t pull anything else out!

I swear this stuff is multiplying during the night.

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