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Walmart, Bounce, and duplicate keys

February 7, 2011

We made our first trip to Walmart as RVers the day after we took delivery of the motorhome.  There are an awful lot of RVers in this country, and they love to share their experiences.  As a result, there’s a ton of advice out there.  One of our first Walmart purchases was a big box of Bounce dryer sheets.  According to some experienced RV travelers, mice don’t like Bounce.  So… Nell put a sheet in every drawer and cabinet, as well as every other accessible interior space.  The place should smell really nice the next time we open the door.

The dealer gave us four keys.  Walmart could only duplicate two of them.  We found an Ace Hardware that could duplicate a third, and the old gentleman who made the keys recommended a local locksmith for the fourth.  J.D.’s Lock Shop is one of those musty little shops in a standalone building in McKinney.  At Ace Hardware, there had been a rack above the key cutter, and a couple of boxes of blanks under the counter.  At J.D.’s the walls were covered completely with row after row of key blanks of every description.  In just a few minutes, J.D. found the right blank and had our keys cut.  It took three places to get four keys made.  Naturally, the fourth – and most difficult to find – key was the one that opens the RV door and all of the outside basement storage compartments.  We had two copies made of that one.

The weather has kept us from getting back over to the RV, but soon we’ll do some cleaning, and then start stocking the motorhome.  It’s clean already, of course, but it’s kind of like moving into a house that someone else lived in.  You always feel better when you clean it yourself.

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